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In recent years, the sun has become more active with an increase in sun spot activity increasing the creation of X-Rays and Gamma Rays above historical levels. Similarly, there have been increases in ambient radiation from man-made sources, both medical and industrial.  From hospitals to doctor’s offices, irradiated food machines to submarines, man has created an increased ionizing radiation environment. Use of fluoroscope X-Ray machines in operating rooms is the norm, particularly for minimally invasive surgery.  Medical personnel have to wear heavy vests to shield against the radiation, often for hours on end for long surgeries.

In space, satellites and spacecraft have been experiencing the full radiation from the sun without benefit of the filtering earth’s atmosphere. Scientists have been monitoring this increased radiation due to sun spot cycles and it is a concern for space based personnel and electronics.  So, at a time when we are suffering the most damage to the atmosphere, with increased sun activity, and proliferation of man-made radiation devices, life is experiencing a maximum dose of radiation on earth.

Nucleotides (NA) in short base pair DNA or RNA ladders have a unique property when hit by a high energy photon, be it from UV-B, UV-C, X-Rays, or Gamma Rays (which are all photons).  The high energy photon is absorbed by the NA molecule, and then re-emitted as a harmless infrared (heat) photon without damage.  The NA remains undamaged and continues to perform its protective function every time it is hit by a high energy photon.

Most people are acquainted with UV-A and UV-B from sunblock advertisements. The general public has not been educated on the carcinogenic health, cell mutation, and cell death effects of high frequency UV-B, and industrially generated UV-C, which is present in all UV sterilization products.  Cancer and cell death can be thousands of times more probable in these high frequency UV ranges.

Studies have shown a strong weather front can depress the protective ozone layer, even at mid-latitudes, increasing the amount of high UV-B. Manufactured materials such as paint and fiberglass experience higher rates of degradation from UV-B.  With the increased spectrum, this degradation is accelerated in today’s environment directly affecting all vehicles, aircraft, boats, exterior walls and roofs and any other structure exposed to sunlight.

As previously stated, man-made radiation levels, such as X-Rays and Gamma Rays, are higher than ever before. With NA used as a protective shield, the ionizing radiation can be absorbed and converted to infrared photons that are not harmful. This provides NIT with the capability to use the protective effects of NA in hospitals, clinics, dentist and doctor’s offices and industrial facilities; anywhere radiation is used as a tool.  NIT can reduce the weight of a medical vest by approximately 80%.  NIT is in the process of jointly developing a lightweight production prototype medical vest with a large vest manufacturer.

Doctor’s offices and medical facilities have a host of radiation emitting equipment. The American Medical Association reports there are over 815,000 US licensed physicians, and the American Dental Association lists more than 157,000 dentist members. These members’ offices, as well as thousands of hospitals, both federal and commercial, are potential customers for medical vests, radiation absorbing curtains, and NA incorporated in paints or building materials. Hospitals alone have three times the background Ionizing Radiation of normal work environments.

Manufactured materials such as paint and fiberglass all fade from impact from UV radiation. There are many even larger applications for NA for electronics, the military, first responders, dirty bomb protection spacecraft, satellites, and high altitude aircraft.  See the “Applications” tab on the website header for more detail.